Le lotte del nostro sindacato arrivano sulla stampa internazionale. L'agenzia britannica Ruetir parla di noi. Nursing Up, De Palma: “Vaccines to nurses on the front line, Hope tell us what the times are


Nursing Up, De Palma: “Vaccines to nurses on the front line, Hope tell us what the times are”

ROMA – «Even in such a delicate moment, like that of the symbolic start of the vaccination campaign, it would be necessary to have in mind a“ strategic ”target audience. As we see it, the first doses of vaccine, precisely because they were symbolic, should have affected those who, before others, must be protected against the risk of becoming infected. In short, the Presidents of the Orders among the first recipients are welcome, but only if they work as nurses, in Covid wards, or only if they run the risk on a par with the others … We wonder what the state of mind is, except for the cases mentioned. of Italian nurses, already full of uncertainty, while they hope that the actual vaccination campaign will really begin, in front of the image of a President of their Order or even that of the President of the Federation herself, who show their arm ready to be subjected to the injection, convinced that in this way they can set a good example to the community and the healthcare world “.

So Antonio De Palma, National President of Nursing Up, Italian Nurses Union, clearly demonstrates that he cannot digest what has been happening in these last hours. “We are a really strange country, no doubt about it, with a strange way of seizing the opportunity that is offered to us. In full lockwdown, “symbolic campaigns” are being carried out here despite the fact that there are 62 million Italians, and among these about 253,000 nurses working in public hospitals, waiting to receive their dose and who have no idea when all this will happen. In reality we are still at zero point. Tell us what the actual benefit of “symbolic campaigns” can be for the social community. Italian nurses do not need examples of this type, because they have professionalism and competence, and they are well aware that a double responsibility weighs on their shoulders, both individual and collective, and that undergoing vaccination is a vital requirement. There are many phone calls from colleagues asking us when the vaccine dose will arrive, and none of them, at least until now, have ever questioned the need to get vaccinated against Covid 19, indeed “.

The union therefore turns to the minister of health, Roberto Speranza, asking to «To know, but not in broad strokes or broad lines, when the vials will arrive and what are the contingents and the relative macro-groups of recipients. We ask for a serious planning that allows, first of all, “the start of a real mass campaign”, because it is only what we need as soon as possible. And in all this, we ask, as it is right and appropriate, that the vaccine be administered with every urgency “to the health workers who work at the front” and who risk more than others direct contact with the infecting agent ».





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