In Italia mancano gli infermieri. La stampa britannica rilancia le posizioni del Nursing Up


ROME – “The recent intervention of the Director General of Censis, Massimiliano Valerii, only confirms what our union has been denouncing for months regarding the alarming figures concerning the shortage of nurses in our national health system”. So Antonio De Palma, National President of Nursing Up. “The Censis – he adds – presented us with a careful and truthful analysis on the indispensable need for reform of our NHS, today deeply oppressed and put on fire by the pandemic emergency, and which, even before the double wave of the virus, presented a a picture of profound unease caused by bad management, between lack of investments and spending cuts. Covid, with the exponential increase in hospitalizations, and the obvious inability, on the part of sometimes outdated and inadequate structures, to face the impact with a fierce enemy and mostly in the early days totally unknown to science, did nothing else than to expose shortcomings that someone shamelessly ignored ».

But “what was hidden under the ashes has alas emerged. We presented ourselves in the presence of the virus with an already deep structural laceration of 53 thousand missing nurses throughout Italy (Fnopi 2019 data). Already last autumn, however, we quantified the shortage of health professionals at 85-90 thousand and today, reading the data from the Censis survey, all this is bitterly confirmed to us. Between the first and the second wave we have in no way taken steps to reinforce the health care staff, between hires with the dropper that certainly does not compensate for years and years of blocking the turnover and insolvency realities stuck at the stake, with a few rare exceptions. Disorganization, grueling shifts, precarious situations everywhere: we faced the virus in this way, leaving our soldiers “naked in the trenches” ».

To date, Censis, more than a year after the start of the pandemic, quantifies “the numbers relating to the lack of nurses in Italy at 72,000. In the end, the figures match ours: because to these 72 thousand we must add the 9,600 family nurses, provided for by the Relaunch Decree, which the Government should have hired but which have remained pure theory for now, 8 for every 50 thousand inhabitants, who however may not be sufficient for the indispensable reform of local health care, and an average of about 3500-4000 more nurses deriving from the need for the new intensive care places opened to face the emergency. These are the contradictions of our country: new departments are opening but there is a lack of staff to support the sick ».

«The health reform – continues De Palma – that the reconfirmed Minister Speranza hopes to implement, must go through the indispensable strengthening of local health care. 9,600 family nurses represent only the tip of the iceberg with respect to the needs of a country that with this indispensable figure for some time could have streamlined hospitalizations and offer support to the health of the Regions, outside the hospital realities, well before this Covid left us. deep scars not yet healed ».

FONTE: https://www.ruetir.com/2021/04/12/nursing-up-in-italy-there-are-85-90-thousand-nurses-missing-the-change-starts-from-the-territorial-health-reform/

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