La denuncia del Nursing Up sul caos ambulanze e la scarsa sicurezza degli infermieri arriva sulla stampa straniera


Nursing Up comments on the Nas blitz in many Italian cities

ROME – “A sad and desolate, not to say shameful, cross-section of Italian healthcare. The recent blitz of the Carabinieri dei Nas in numerous cities of Italy last June 10, aboard the ambulances used for first aid, is of public reach, and draws the bitter reality in which many of our 118 nurses are caged.

We are also amazed by the fact of how the “submerged” only emerges in the face, finally, of the interventions of the police. Safety conditions that do not reflect at all the regulations in force, naturally putting at risk both the health of the sick and that of the healthcare staff. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, given that the Carabinieri investigation would bring to light worrying findings, which inevitably compromise the nurse’s safety at work. Lack of suitable procedures for cleaning and sanitizing medical vehicles, presence of rusty and encrusted parts, use of vehicles without authorization to carry out the transport of the sick. In one case out of 10, the Italian health ambulance is not a safe place ”.

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